Dax Reservations


Dax Restaurant offers an unparalleled infusion of fine French cuisine and elegant dining. Dax’s unique menu offers a range of dishes while using the highest quality Irish ingredients and local produce. If you wish to make a reservation in one of Dublin’s most renowned fine dining restaurants, please book below. If you want some wine to go with your menu have a look at our wine list


December Booking

As covid-19 regulations are changing all the time, Dax will only take parties of 18 maximum on 3 tables at 1.3metres apart from each other. Any party of 7 or more will be set up on 2 or 3 tables. Lunch will operate on two sittings on Thursdays and Fridays and one sitting on Saturdays, and two sittings for dinner reservations. It is not possible to book this online, to book a table at Dax in December, please send us an email at olivier@dax.ie